VAT Refund

Do you participate in professional activities and events in France?
We can help you claim your VAT refund. VAT refund through the FACC Dallas/Fort Worth is easy and fast! 

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France International can claim the VAT refund on your behalf for business expenses in Europe. VAT is refundable for the following expenses:

  • Telephone bills, electricity bills, rental, tradeshow, translators, ...
  • Restaurants bills, food and beverage expenses Gasoil (80 % of the VAT is refundable)
  • Any furniture rental for business activities
  • Commercial car and van rental
  • Services such as: advertising, printing, professional resources, ...

The VAT is not refundable on the following expenses: hotels, car rental (except utility rental), airline and train tickets, taxi trips.

List of documents you will need to provide:

1. Original of all invoices showing the refundable amount of the French VAT (renting of tradefair space, furniture, flowers, advertising, hostess services, telephone, electricity, food and beverages...). Note that copies of invoices, even certified, will not be accepted.

2. Signed form to ask for the VAT pay back on your behalf. Should your company reside in one of the European Union countries, send us your intracommunity VAT number.

3. If your company is located outside of the European Union, you will need to send us an official certificate showing that your company is a VAT payer in your country.

4. A Bank Account ID number enabling us to transfer you the VAT refund.


Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.