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Chapter News, Member news | November 11, 2019

About French Affaires 

From special insider travel experiences in France, to personalized trip design, to visual travel and culture lectures such as “The Best of Paris,” “The Best of Provence” and “Paris Museum Tour,” to language courses including “French for Travelers” and “Advanced French Conversation,” French Affaires offers an immersion into l’art de vivre–the art of living–the French way.

News and Notes From France 

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Upcoming Events 

'French Kings and Queens: A Walk Through Royal History in France' - Nov 12 & 13!

Discover the essence of French history with this special course focused on the monarchy of France. Through illustrated lecture and discussion, we’ll trace the French royal dynasties through the centuries such as the Valois and the Bourbons.

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The French Cookbook Club: 'French Parties!'

Our theme for The French Cookbook Club 2019 series is ‘French Parties.’ We’ll celebrate French cooking in different takes on entertaining the French way – for additional details on The French Cookbook Club events and how to register, feel free to contact usBon appétit!

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'Provence Language and Culture Immersion 2020: Live in France Like a Local'

Provence is possibly the most beautiful and rewarding region in all of France. Please join us for this extra-special immersion experience where you will have the chance to ‘live in Provence’ for a glorious two weeks!

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'The Wonders of Normandy 2020'

While it’s only a stone’s throw from Paris, Normandy is a world unto itself with rich historical, cultural, architectural, religious and gastronomic traditions. 

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'The Best of Burgundy and Lyon 2020'

We’re excited to add a new France trip offering in 2020 with our insider journey “The Best of Burgundy and Lyon.” During this rich French travel experience, we will be immersed in the incredible medieval-to-modern history and culture.

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'Southwest France Photography Tour 2020 with French Photographer Eric Sander'

This spectacular tour to France features a week-long exclusive photography immersion into Southwest France with the celebrated international photographer Eric Sander.

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