Member: Safran unveils seating innovations for post-Covid market

Member news | June 03, 2020

By Murdo Morrison | June 2020 | Source:

The once fast-moving interiors sector, which relies on fleet renewals and refits, has been forced to a standstill by widespread aircraft grounding and order deferrals.

However, several cabin equipment suppliers sense an opportunity for products that improve onboard hygiene and social distancing as passengers return to the skies.

Among them is Safran, which is today announcing a partnership with Universal Movement to market a retrofit kit from the UK seating designer that creates partitions around economy-class seats by leaving the middle seat of three vacant.

The concave padded shells, which are the same height as the seat, can be installed on 90% of economy seats, says Safran, and provide a degree of privacy as well as protection.

The Interspace Lite product is part of an Interspace family that also includes a retrofittable premium-economy design with padded wings that fold out from the seat back, unveiled by Universal Movement in December. Safran hopes to have the Lite product on the market in the next few months, with the premium-economy concept available later in the year, says Safran Seats executive vice-president strategy and innovation Quentin Munier.

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