French Company Seeking American Representatives

Tech, Startup & Entrepreneur, Food, Beverage, Hospitality | June 24, 2019

The FACC has been contacted by the French energy drink company, Airmaster, who is looking for representives in the the U.S.

If interested, please find the contact information below.



Hello, French Company in Fashion and food products (for the moment in "French energy drink", which is the country of reference in the world on these 2 countries.Products sold since about 9 years, on 18 countries, including in the USA. All my products are also doable in USA and neighboring Mexico. Independent commercial research and / or offer all my products to all Celebrities ...

Best regards, Claude Poulard
Airmaster:  "Think dragon & dragon, you will be, in USA (yet) / international (yet also)."


Phone: +33. (0)

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Bonjour, Entreprise Française en Mode et produits alimentaires (pour l'instant en "French energy drink", qui est le pays de référence dans le monde sur ces 2 pays. Produits vendus depuis environ 9 ans, sur 18 pays, dont aux USA. Tous mes produits sont aussi faisable aux USA et Mexique voisin. Recherche commercial indépendant et/ou offre tous mes produits à toutes les Célébrités...

Très cordialement, Claude Poulard 

Airmaster (le "Maître des Airs...") : "Think dragon & dragon, you will be, in USA (yet)  /international (yet also)." 


Tél: +33.(0)

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