History & Mission

Created in 1896, The French-American Chamber of Commerce in the United States is a bi-national, non-profit organization that seeks to contribute through the efforts of our chapters and members to the development and improvement of economic, commercial and financial relations between France and the United States.

Our members are businesses and people involved in French-American commerce or those who have a significant interest in both countries, products, and cultures. Professional and personal contacts are reinforced by frequent luncheons and seminars for our members. Our members also receive and have access to our local and national membership directories.

Our mission:

To encourage the sale of goods and services between the two countries and to promote a better understanding of international relations.

To provide information on the economic situation and work environment in France as well as in the U.S. as conducive to promoting commercial and industrial entrepreneurial investment in one country or the other.

To work in France and in the U.S. with different governmental, economic, diplomatic, and consular associations that pursue similar goals.

To facilitate contact between our members and the French-American community at large so as to develop solid commercial, economic, and financial relationships between the two countries.









Our Purpose



Cultural Exchange

The FACC Story

The FACC blends the pioneering spirits and collective business acumen of the French and American marketplaces to grow businesses and business relations.

FACC unites some of the world's most recognizable global businesses with the next generation of thought leadership. We are a mosaic that continually blends youth with experience and creates an open culture of inclusiveness to become even greater through the contributions of all.

Through a comprehensive range of programs including educational and networking experiences, mentorships, exchange programs, special events, and philanthropy, the FACC provides growth opportunities to professionals, businesses, and their communities.

Join the FACC and add your uniqueness to the ever changing mosaic that reflects the strength and distinct nature of the French-American business community and elevates the success of all of its members.

FACC - Dallas/Fort Worth Leadership


Ruth Baron

The Point Group

Executive Director

Erin K. McKelvey

Board of Directors